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I have an older Sno-Way I think. Has the wireless gray/white remote with down pressure.

Remote lights up as normal but absolutely no response from the plow. I can't even here a click but truth be told we've been having a blizzard so listening for a soft click or something has been difficult.

I pulled it in a friends garage for a few hours with a heater but still nothing when it warmed up. Did find the hydraulic fluid was a little low so I topped it off.

I put a screwdriver over the posts of the solenoid and made the motor whine (possibly spin but definitely made noise more than clicking or buzzing), but that's it, just noise with no movement. I did the same with the down button depressed but still no movement.

I'd appreciate any ideas on how to hone in on the issue. I've ordered a new solenoid since it was only $15 but is there anything else I can try while I wait for the part to arrive?

If I could just get the thing to lower all the way to the ground I could at least push the pile of snow that is forming in my driveway while I wait.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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