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Western Uni-Mount.. Is this what I need?

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This first picture is a 7'6" Uni-Mount Pro that was mounted to a F-250...


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This second picture is a Western Uni-mount bracket for a Dodge and comes with wiring harness...


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Will these work together & is this all I would need for my Dodge?
If that is indeed a dodge mount and wiring harness, then it should work. some of the other fellows may know the finer nuances of which harness fits which model years and such, but that should be most of what you need. Solenoid, control box, relays might be some of the things you may need.
Good Luck!

The mount should bolt up,and will connect to the plow just fine.

The wiring harness (truck side) for the Dodge must be the correct one for your truck,as they were different depending on headlamp configuration.

The plow side harness is also different from the Ford,as you need the one for the ground side switched headlamps.
The harness number on the box should be a 62917 for a 2000 dodge (unless its a sport). If you look at the cross harness (black with orange strip on webbing covering wires with blue plugs at each end) there is a tag close to the plug for the passengers side headlight with the number 62921 on it. There will also be 4 relays with this kit. If its a true "sport" the number will be 63398. If the number for the cross harness is not the right number you can still use the main harness along with the solenoid and battery cables but you will need to buy a new cross harness.

Be sure to check the condition of the 9 pin grill connector for corrosion and missing pins.

Hopefully i dont have you confused yet.
You've got me confused though :confused:

Wouldn't the newer Dodge harness be a 12 pin ? So the 9 pin plow side harness (from the Ford) wouldn't work,he would need the 12 pin plow side as well.Well,the plow would work,but the lights won't.All the newer Dodge's I've seen were this way.Am I missing something ?
The guy told me the mount was on a 96 Dodge 1500 and the only number on the wiring box was 62526.. Looks like it won't work.

Thanks for the help
That 62526 harness is for the older pre-ground side switching headlamps I think,it was used on 94-98 Dodge's.It should be a 9 pin harness.It will not work for your truck,or at least not without some modifications.
Everything from the harness except the cross harness will work . Just need top get a new cross harness which will come with 2 more relays, and additional needed wiring.

Chris, its the new body style GM's and the brand new Dodge that run the 12 pin main harness and the headlights with the white strain relief where the harness runs into the headlight busket. The 9 pin main harness works in everything but the new GM and Dodge.
Darn right it gets confusing, especially when you use both relay and e-force harness' and run 6-9 trucks through the door a day. Talk about electrical melt down!!!!
Hmm...that's funny then,as all of the newer Dodge's I have done are all 12 pin.

I remember too,when trying to hook my truck (97),up to one of my other Westerns off one the newer trucks (99,01,and 02),I couldn't get the lights to work right,as it is a 12 pin plow side harness on those blades.I had to swap the plowside harness and headlamps to get them to work.

I'll have to dig out the manuals and see,as these things are wiring nightmares ! Why can't they make them simple ? :headwall
Chris, you got me thinking on that 12 pin thing and i thinks its because your in Cnanada and you guys run day time running lights up there, he wouldnt have DRL's so he would still be a 9 pin.
DRL's could be wired thru a relay kit and run thru a 9 pin,or am i missing something in the conversation?Anythings possible:p
Your right,i just checked the manual,and that is the difference.DRL equipped rams 99 and up got the 12 pin harness,and used ground side switching (or low side drive as Western calls it) for the plow lamps as well as the truck lamps.

I learn something new everyday. :D
At least we solved that puzzle. Chris , i went through 4 different schematics thinking i was missing something and finally figured out that yous from up north eh! Don and i are working on one for him, lights going funny on a dodge but i think i got it, if don would EMPTY his pm box we could solve it. Don, switch 85 and 86 around.
LOL! Sorry! try me again!
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