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I'm having some issues with an older western plow. It first started with the control stick in the truck losing power when I would make multiple moves, raising lowering etc. After a few moments I would have control back. It slowly progressed to the pump wailing every now and again as if it had reached its movement limit even when it was at a neutral position, but after a moment it would move. All the while, the control stick light will go dead if held too long once the whine starts. Now it will barely angle left. When I hold left it will mostly whine or turn right. Occasionally it will start angling right then jump left...

Here is what I have done.

I started by replacing the solenoid and checking connections for breaks, corrosion, etc. Replaced pump motor, flushed and replaced fluids, replaced filter. I also tried a second solenoid.

I can use the plow but I have to wait 30 to 60 seconds between raising, angling, dropping the blade. I'm tearing my hair out at this point. I think it might be electrical but could a mechanical issue be stressing out the solenoid making it drop the power when it is over taxed?

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