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As some of you may have read in a previous thread,I have a friend who does custom signs and vinyl lettering.I build all his computers,so he owes me a few favours.A lot of people are looking for cut vinyl and signs,so I figured this would be a good time to use some of those favours,and get it done at near cost. :D

If we get a bunch of people who want stuff cut,or printed,then the price will be much lower.He can do plain cut vinyl (many colours),single layer vinyl artwork (multi-color,all in one layer),and full size digital imaging.The possiblities are endless.He also has a program that has all the truck bodylines,so he can do layout work for your particular truck so you know it will fit on the truck

If you would like something done,then let me know,and I'll get you a quote.I need a brief description of what you want,and some measurements.Truck info will help too.If you have any images or artwork,then attach that as well.If it's pretty much straight forward,there shouldn't be any major layout or artwork charges.If you have no idea what you want,then give me an idea,and we can do the design and artwork for you.Charges may apply for this,but I will get him to quote it before we do anything.

Please allow some time to get all this stuff done,as I'm just the go between here,and both of us are usually pretty busy.When we get it all sorted out,I'll let you know.Lets see what kind of interest we have,and maybe we can strike a good deal for the members here.

I will also be doing up some SC stickers in the near future,so if we get enough response here,maybe I can get a real good deal on them too.

I will get some prices for the magnetic material as well.Shipping on the vinyl should be pretty cheap,as it is fairly small and light.It will be shipped in a cardboard tube.

Ballpark pricing will probably be somewhere in the range of $4.00 sq\ft for cut vinyl,and $10.00 sq\ft base (add'l colors extra) for multi-colour single layer.The more we do,or the larger the sign,the cheaper it gets.These are canadian prices,so american will be about 25% less.

If your serious,then send me the details via e-mail [email protected]

I have attached a pic of a small sign,and it shows just how nice this stuff is,as there are no layers to peel,it's smooth.


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