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Hi, i'm trying to identify this plow that was given to me a couple years ago. It is a receiver mount with an electric winch on it to lift and lower the blade. You can see from the picture it has a partial logo of what I think is an angry eagle with wording around the outside, but it is wearing off. I think the letters are SN DEE (i think). I have searched all over the blade and mounting unit and can not find any other identifying marks so I am at a loss. Hopefully someone knows what this is or has seen one like it before. I was told it was purchased new in 2013.

The reason i'm trying to figure out what make/model I have is I broke the main blade mounting point (hence the come-a-long in the pic) and need to see about getting a replacement if they are still in business. I have tried to weld the part a couple times (yea I keep breaking it) but it seems to not be working.

Any help on identifying this would be so greatly appreciated!



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