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I am new here. I need to plow/remove snow from my and my parent's mile long uphill gravel driveway. I am in Northcentral Pa. I inherited a Nissan Frontier (1998) with a plow from my father, who used to plow the driveway himself, but he has graciously allowed me to take it over now that he is 92. (Although he still uses his Ariens snow blower for around his house and barn.) The Nissan was doing great this year until about the 6th snowfall, at which time I lost what I thought was the clutch. Had it towed, long story short, it is going to be too expensive to repair. (either master cylinder or the transmission). So the hunt begins for a replacement vehicle. I could really use an ATV too, and a tractor. But can't afford all three. So perhaps I will luck out and find a multi-use vehicle that will do the job.

The main issue is keeping the driveway clear of snow as my parents are at an age where a medical emergency could happen at any time, which was the case this winter on the night the Nissan Frontier died. Luckily my neighbor was available to plow us out and I was able to get my dad to the ER. The road is a mile long, uphill, gravel, winds through fields and woods, is narrow, oh and did I mention it is steep in parts. I am careful to plow as wide as possible from the get go as the road becomes narrower with each passing snowfall. (that's why a blower attachment on a truck, tractor, or ATV is an attractive option)

An ATV, enclosed with heat, would be great but can it handle a mile long, steep in parts driveway?
Anyone have experience with using a compact enclosed tractor with snow attachments?
Or is a pick up Truck or large SUV (Toyota forerunner) the best option?

Thanks in advance for hearing me out and any advice or wisdom you can offer.

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