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tire pressure

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looking to see what everyone is running for tire pressure in differant sized tires
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with a crew cab, diesel, 1100# of ballast and an 821# plow... FULL SIDEWALL PRESSURE! My tires happen to be 285/75-16... 65psi. If I had 265 E's, I'd run the full 80. More air helps carry the load without the tires squatting, which helps you clear curbs, and helps your power steering live a longer, happier life.
Most plow trucks will need the tires run at max pressures,especially in the front.If your not running a lot of weight in the back,you can drop the rear pressure down for a little more bite.

I normally run 80 in the fronts,and anywhere from 55-80 in the rear,depending on load.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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