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Tire Chains

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We are running one of our Hustler 3400's with a 72" snow plow blade. It works awsome except for one problem, we are always having problems with the tire chains falling off. We have tried everything from readjusting and trying bungee cords between the corners of the chains. We are still having trouble with them coming off or loose. Is there anything we are doing wrong or maybe a trick or something. Let me know.
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Correct size chains and properly inflated tires?Obvious i know but i've never had any chain problems.
On our Walkers we had the same problem. I found that completely deflating the tires before putting the chains on as tight as possible helps. This way, once the tires are aired back up, the chains are TIGHT. Just don't do this to over-the-road tires. It's a great way to damage a high-speed tire!
How about shortening the chains up a bit and then flatten the tire, install the chain then reinflate the tire.
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