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Snow shovels

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Anyone have any opinons on snow shovels. Perticularly the Bigfoot 1280 Poly snow pusher?
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Its hard to find a good shovel.:headwall
i have a couple craftsman 20 some inch shovels and they have a lifetime warranty i bought last year and suprisingly i didnt have to do an exchange yet.
I like the Ames Snow Blazer, or what is now the Ames Snow Zone snow pushers. We use the 24" and 30". I've resorted to buying them through an Ames distributor locally since I couldn't find anyone who carried them.

The 24" is model #1601900 and I'm getting it for $12.47
The 30" is model #1601600 and I'm getting it for $15.66
Micah -
why metal? we only use Ames poly pushers.
I like the poly ones myself, I find that they seem to glide over the surfaces better then the solid metal or the metal cutting edged ones do.
Most of the time the 18" ones seem to work the best for me, any larger then that and if the snow has a lot of moisture in it you'll kill your back trying to move it(then that might just be because i'm old).:D

So no one has any ifno on the Shovels I asked about?:confused:
Sorry ken, guess we did sort of never answer your question. No, I've never used the bigfoots. I have seen them, but a pusher is a pusher to me. We use the cheapest, lightest, and widest possible.
I spent the better part of 2 days searching for some driveway stakes and shovels........ Who would think something so simple could be so damn difficult!! We are in the wrong business:headwall :headwall These folks have stakes.
heres a photo



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I bought the craftsman a few years ago. Was used it maybe twice.
My guys hated it. Too heavy!!

I buy all poly pushers now. Lightweight and won't scare or scratch stone walks. Keep the craftsman on the truck in case they break the poly shovel. They seem more careful knowing they will have to lift old Bertha for the rest of the storm if they break their shovel. ;)

Plastic ones for me, the ones either Sears has or Home Depot, the pusher kind. I never use the regular ones anymore, where you have to pick up a shovel full of snow and throw it. I used to always use those until I woke up and realized the pusher kind work better and easier, I think so anyway. Every year I buy a few new shovels even if the year before none broke on me. I like having a couple new ones, they work great when their new until the edge starts to look mutilated. :D I could never use a metal shovel, it seems they hit every little nook and cranny in the ground and just come to a stop and wont glide over anything easily. Just my oppinion once again. :D Mike
I was going to reply stating that I usually just get the orange ones that they sell at Menards.

I was out there tonight looking at some of their cheap-o tools on sale and I thought I'd go look at the shovels. Turns out they are the exact ones Bill posted the picture of. I have the 24" one with the steel 'edge' removed, it works great, I'm gonna get another one this weekend when I go back out that way!
I'm still sticking with metal. They aren't too heavy, and they NEVER break.

The best pusher you can find, We got 20 or so ones with the handle on the end of the handly, 10x24.

We do alot of shoveling, had ours for 3 winters now. Takes 4 guys 6 hours do do our shoveling. Never broke one.
I usually take a grinder and sharpen the edge a little, makes a big difference..

A while back we were discussing U edge shovels. It seems that Fall Line makes them. I have no idea how heavy they would be to use for a loooooong day, or how well they work, especially on hard pack.

I was thinking of adding a deflector to mine along with some strobes and maybe a salt spreader on the back. :D
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