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Small Leak?

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Well today was say the least. It started as a small leak and turned into a waterfall or should i call it a ATF-fall. The F-250 was leaking like a sive. I went through 24 quarts of ATF inless than 12 hours!:rolleyes: What a mess. YOu could have followed me around my whole route by following the blood trail i left. Well dont know where its leaking but will be in the shop tomarrow.
PS Meyer did just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hmm.... might want to get that checked out :eek:
Department of Environmental Conservation may want to speak to you also.....
Cuz, if you were bleeding at the same rate at that leak... you'd be stiff and cold by now.

And I don't think a band-aid is gonna stop the bleeding.:rolleyes:

Get that truck into the shop and do surgery !!!

Sorry Guys !!!! I can't help myelf, worked at a hospital FARRRRRRRRRRRR too Long.

But now that I'm outta there I'm gettin better.:headwall

Honest I am :scramble
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Come on guys that not too big of a leak a little duct tape and some JB weld and he'll be good to go lol :burnout
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