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2019 Chev 2500HD; 2020 Kubota SSV 75; 2020 Kubota BX2680; 2015 Kubota RTV1100
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Okay, first time poster here. Forgive me if this has been litigated to death.

I am a snow removal contractor on the North Shore of Lake Superior. We get a fair amount of snow . . . average 120" per year. I do resort work where the guests are coming to ski. Lots of tight spaces and empty parking spaces and very busy traffic patterns during check-in and check-out time periods.

I have been using a SSV75 with a 8' Kage Snowfire. This has been a very efficient setup for me. I can do a very clean job at a really reasonable pace.

I have been asked to take on another resort. I have ordered another wheeled skid steer, but I'm starting to waffle over not ordering a CTL. I Ordered a SSV65 (6' KAGE system this time because it is even tighter spaces) so that I have a medium framed machine and a large frame machine. The resorts are too far apart for me to use my current skiddy at both and I need another one.

Should I change my mind? I only ordered it on Friday and due to our nation's current supply chain problems it is not due to arrive until November at the earliest. A tracked machine would sure be nice in the summer, but I really will only use them for snow removal. However, a tracked machine would be a lot better if I decide to some dirt work . . . which is possible. I would have to get zig zag tracks which will also add cost.

The emotional side of me says get the tracked machine and deal with it being a littel slower and have something different than I already have. The practical side of me say stay with the wheeled machine and be more efficient.

Wheeled machine I am in the high $40K range and tracked I will be in the high $50K range. So, aside for the potential to move into summer driveway maintenance, the wheeled machine will make me more money. but if I get a tracked machine with a KAGE GraterBar system I could really do take on some driveway work in the summer. yes, the wheeled machines will work for that too .. . I know, but a tracked machine would be better in that instance.

Anyway, just looking for opinions. Thanks!
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