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2020 F350
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I have a 2020 F350 that I have mounted an older 8' Straight HD RT3 plow on. This plow has the Smartlight 1 headlight with separate turn/running lights! I installed the new truck side harness and mount.....made all the connections....connected to the factory grounds on both sides of the engine compartment. I ordered new signal lights to install in the new light bar(the old one was rusted out in the middle) and rewired according to pics I took of the wiring before I removed them. Just some background for reference!

Now my issues:
The running lights on the plow function as they are supposed to.....the turn signals do not! I have seen them blink five or six times, when switching the headlight switch to the "running light position"... and then to the "headlight on position" or going back the other direction....When the turn signal switch is activated, but then they stop! It will do this repeatedly....but cannot get them to work normally! Also...the truck blinker indicators blink rapidly Anyone else have this happen or seen this issue....or have suggestions for a fix!


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