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I couldn't raise/lower or tilt the plow. I tested the connections and was getting power everywhere. I had to loosen the fitting on the lift cylinder to get it down so I could unhook the plow from the truck.
I just tore apart the whole system and found ice in reservoir (I assume that ice was the culprit in the pump and manifold, too).
Took apart everything except removing the pump from the mount (didn't see any leak between the motor/mount so I didn't want to risk damaging the seal. I tore apart the manifold, cleaned the spools in a good degreaser, then steamed them dry in my wife's veggie steamer. (you know - that double pan thingie where you put water in the bottom and set a pan on top of it, which has holes for the steam to come up through). Anyway, after the parts got to steaming good, I took them out. They were so hot I had to pick them up with needle nose pliers. As they set and cooled down, all the moisture evaporated, but I still hit them with a blast of air to make sure.
I've already purged the lift cylinder by just removing the hose from the system, and manually pushing down the cylinder all the way (of course, I captured the old fluid). I purged the angle cylinders by unhooking the hoses from the cylinders and clamping 3/8 hose from the fittings to a bucket. I manually swung the A frame from side to side, draining the fluid.
I'm ready to reinstall the system on the plow. I'm going to couple the lift hose to the cylinder, then insert the other end in the reservoir, and lift the cylinder manually. It should syphon fluid into it, then when I uncouple, the fluid can't come out of the cylinder, and the line will also be full when I wrench it back on the manifold.
I'm planning on clamping hoses on the angle cylinders and dip them in the reservoir. When I manually swing the A frame from side to side, these, too will syphon, and push any air back to the reservoir. Then I'll hook the angle hoses back up. The air in those 2 hoses should be so slight that the system should purge it easily.
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