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Before the snow really starts to fly i thought i would talk over with the guy i plow the sidewalks for how much he was paying me this year.

I dont have a contract nor has he offred me a contract. I get a call when it snow's enough for when he needs me which is most of the time.

Currently i get paid $15hr i use his equipment to plow the sidewalks but i do bring my snowblower with me at times and i charge him a few extras hours and same goes for when i use my truck to salt the walks.

This year he has a bigger Tractor for me to use as well as its is not a heated cab, it has no cab what so ever.

I thought this might be fair $20 hr beeing its not a closed sorta heated cab like years before. I wont need my snowblower as much this year maybe, but i will use my truck on site a bit and i ill add a few hrs if i use it on site.

I was offred $16 plus a min 3hr charge if i spend less then 3hrs there, still chagre him for my blower and my truck when i use them. A bonus was menthioned of $300 a month if i make all my shift which i usualy do, seeing i have a full time job i might miss a shift or 2 over the 4 month.

$16 x 100 = $1600 or $20 x 100 = $2000

With the $16hr rate i still can get $300 a month extra if i make all the shifts for the month so if i miss a shift twice in 2 month i still have 2 month i can get bonus which gives me $600 bonus and a total of $2200 with bonus for the season.

Im not sure if i should take the gamble on old man winter and hope i get 100hrs of service this winter.

If i only work an hour to salt the sidewalks and i have a 3 hr min charge should i still ask him for use of my truck ?

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