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Push tabs on A-frame

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I have an old meyers plow. Last winter it sort of knocked a frozen bank. This torn one tab off the a-frame and twisted the eye open on the other. I welded it up and used it for another couple of weeks then put it away.

I can't seem to find anyone selling replacment tabs? I was just going to gouge the welds off and weld new tabs on.

Any suggestions? I can't bend the 1 1/4" bar stock that they are made out of, so homemade is out.:canada
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You don't have to bend it. The older models didn't use a "bent clevis" type. They were two seperate pieces welded onto the angle iron, spaced properly. I would go that route. Just use some 1/2" or 5/8" flat stock, and make two tabs, and weld them on.

Oh, and I am glad to see you here. I recall those pics on your site where the snow is beyond deep!

I remember those pics too ! They were pretty cool.

Welcome to the new site. :waving
Ok- don't keep the rest of us in suspense!! Are they still around? How about a link?

I hate to drift it off topic, but I will anyway :)

That picture has an old K car wagon, what year was that storm ?
Meyer Plow Mounting Tabs

slowzuki any Meyer dealer can order the mounting tabs for you, they just have to look them up in their big "blue" master parts and service book.
One thing that Meyer has that some of the others don't is that you can order almost every piece and weldment that is used on their plows.
If you want e-mail me and I'll bring the book in and get you part numbers to order.
There are also "donor" a-frames out there too.

:rolleyes: John..................
Thanks for the replies! I have some more pictures to add to the photo album, I just can't remember if I sync'd the site on my computer with the server!

I called the Meyers dealer before but I'll try again armed with this new info. Thanks!
The pictures are all from about 1995 and earlier. The new trucks use single stick control for everything. The K-car was in PEI if I remember correctly.

I have a pic of a car that lost control in front of a plow, it got sliced in 2 from the latch on the rear door, passenger side to the latch on the drivers door. Even took the bolster off the driver seat.

I suspect the driver's underwear needed changing! I can't actually show the pic as I don't have permission, I'll see if I can get the ok.
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