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Only had the remote for about a month or so, used for two snows about 3 hours first snow, 2 hours the second. First storm, it would lose it's "connection" with the plow. Happened about 4-5, maybe 6 times. Also the remote went dead just near the end of the storm. I thought the battery maybe came loose. Removed it, warmed it up, nothing, plugged it in, nothing. Sat for a few minutes thinking, the remove came back to life. After the storm I recharged the remote. A few days later when I had time I took it back to dealer they said they can't find anything wrong and maybe it's the main power plug that wasn't plugged all the way in. Also the remote was dead and they had to recharge it. (?)
Second snow everything seems to work OK. I kept the plow on for a few days after... I would try to recharge the remote and get a "charge fail" after a few minutes. I would unplug it, plug it back in and get a "charge fail" immediately. This would happen 6, 7, 8 times in a row. I finally noticed if I wiggled it the plug, it would work. Fully charged, I didn't use the truck/plow for 3 days. (got sick)
Went to raise the plow today and noticed the remote was totally dead.
They die after 3 days of not being used? Really? Oh, the remote is stored in the warm, dry house.
I charge it until it says it's done.

Seems like the remote will not keep a charge.

I've got a 20+ yo snoway with the old square controler that I've never had any issue with it - plow or controler. I want to like the wireless, but so far, I'm just not feeling it.

To anyone else that has this remote - How long does your last? Anyone else run into this?

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