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Had a problem with one truck Sunday a.m. The running lights kept blowing the fuse.Now once the running lights don't work neither do the plow lights (Western). Traced it back to the left plow marker/signal. The plow was used when we got it and the previous owner never had the lights apart to spray the connections for corrosion. (they are not 100 % weather tight) When I service our plows every light connection gets dielectric grease whether it needs it or not. To get back to the problem, the 2nd marker bulb was beyond saving ( on both sides) but we can live with just the one. Turns out that the wire that feeds said bulb broke of at the rear of the connector and was shorting out against the connector ( thus the blown fuse)
Guess what I'm trying to say is man that salt does a number on things. Things might look good but... ... ...
Hope everyone has a great Holiday season
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