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First off, I’m using a Fisher MM2 HT plow with a 2 plug harness on my 05 Silverado 1500.

I installed the plow harness last weekend, and I’m having issues getting the lighting to work. As soon as I hook up the 11 pin lighting plug to the plow, it blows the 10a fuse. The plow itself works perfectly going up, down and side to side. I’ve double checked the connectors and can’t find anything wrong. I do have my turn signals and parking light leads plugged in (via custom connectors). The controller power wire is plugged into the ignition fuse in the cabin. With everything connected, I still have use of my lights on the truck including low beam, high beam, park and turn signals.

I custom made my own turn signal adapters by soldering male and female pigtails together and using tap wires. I do not want to cut or splice into factory wiring. The fuse pops wether the park/turn adapters are plugged in or not. And again, I get full use of them on the truck side with everything plugged in.

I have also pulled the covers off the back of the plow lights and everything looks normal with no burned lights or damaged wires.

There is a chunk taken off the light plug on the truck side (pics attached), but I don’t see how that would cause an issue since it’s not touching any other metal when plugged in.

Any advice? I’m at a loss, and figured I would check here first before I bring it to a plow dealer to look at.


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