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Please help identify what truck headlights this wiring harness is for

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This wiring does not fit my custom headlights was going to try to hard wire them but I need the opposite side connectors. The guy I bought the harness from said it was for a 99-04 superduty. But after checking some wiring harness videos and trucks in the junk yard im not so sure. Can anyone I.d. these for me?


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I does fit the truck mentioned, so long as it has the HB5 bulbs and not the square sealed beam. It fits other trucks as well, such as early 2000s Dodges.

The end with the pins may look funny (and wrong) because it's designed to allow you to connect those pieces in two different ways depending on whether or not you have HB1 or HB5 headlamps. That's why the ends are labeled accordingly. You only use 3 of the 5 pins either way.
Thanks. I'm about to grab some connectors for those ends in am attempt to hard wire the plow lights to the battery and a separate controller. And idea where I can find what pin controls what?
What is the plow? I'm assuming it's a BOSS from those connectors?
Fisher actually but I think I would just need the adapters that go onto them and then splice the wires to the new controller
Huh? You can't adapt different plow controllers. You can only use the controller that matches the plow you are using

As for the headlamps, i don't know lights you are trying to adapt to so I can't tell you what you need
Sorry I was unclear. I want the plow lights powered directly to the battery and controlled by a separate controller, not the headlight switch in the truck for the regular lights. So I need the connectors that go into the ones In the photo with wires coming off of them that I can splice onto a separate switch/controller
1 - 4 of 8 Posts