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Pics. of the " Boss" can't wait to Go !!!

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Pic 1:burnout


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and another


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last but not least, can't believe how good the Timbrens work:cash


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Sweet looking set-up, man.
The timbrens made that big of a difference?
My F250 crew cab diesel does seem to be a little floaty with the v-plow on.
Diesel with Hiniker V.


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nice looking rig...:burnout
Nice trucks guys.

Dave - a set of Timbrens will help the truck handle much better with the plow on.
M&F- What size Boss is that, 8'? Looks good!

What kind of strobe system do you have, I think I see a couple heads hidden in your grille....
nice looking trucks guys
Chris -
Thats what I heard. Waiting to hear back from Nate about buying some...sounds like the tow package may be a problem?
the boss looks good ont he red truck.My F-600 is at the boss dealer now getting a 10' V installed.:D
snowey bowtie, I got the strobes from avdirect, i actually moved them down one and the plow hook up up one in the grill, I thought the plow lights would cover the strobes to much. When I was done, I put the plow on and they can be senn much better.;)
Good eye snowybowtie;)
M&F is that the set buy I think its nove for like $180, if so how does it work, I was thinking of one.

Strobes were 180.00, power supply 100.00, they are as bright as my hide-a-ways. I just bought the new low profile Whelen 6 strobe mini light bar, it is the same color yellow/amber as the grill strobes. I was pretty happy all my yellow strobes will be the same color.
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