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Check out this guys website. It's got some neet plowing pictures.
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That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it with us. I like the animated pic of plow truck taking out mailboxes. :D

Alot of nice equipment to drool at. :grinz
The top picture is hysterical!

That guy sure is talented, I poked around his site a bit. I can't imagine what one of those models must cost! I used to build the plastic model kits as realistically as possible, I know how much time it takes, this guy is starting from scratch with no kit!:notworthy
Cool site and nice pics. Man they got some serious snow last winter! I like the animated truck taking out all those mailboxes :D

wxmn6 said:
That's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it with us. I like the animated pic of plow truck taking out mailboxes. :D

Alot of nice equipment to drool at. :grinz
DOOOHHHH !! Looks like we were all thinking the same thing!
I like it! Reason: check out my signature!:D
Nice picks :D :waving
"I have road in these type of trucks plowing the roads and it is a fun experience. I started to keep track of how many mailboxes he hit and went flying out the side of the plow, but I lost count at 25. ha,ha just kidding. Snowplow drivers would never hit a mailbox. ha,ha."

Here is my favorite quote from him. :D

The funny thing is the general public actually thinks that plow drivers fill in their driveways on purpose & hit their mailboxes on purpose.

I would love to hire him to come along on a plow shift. We here never have time to take really good shots for the most part IMO, but we enjoy each other's pictures anyway, cause we are living it. He really seems to have the knack for getting the good shots. Thanks for sharing that site with us.
Beautiful pictures. You should invite him to our site.
Thats a pretty nice website. Very nicely setup. I like the animation also.

I invited him over to our site. He's quite the machinist I think, sent me a picture of his JD with reversible side wing that he built for it. I'll try to post the picture.


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The invitation was accepted, but he had a problem registering. He is all set now. Welcome aboard Don. :waving

Nice looking site, pretty funny stuff there also.
Guys great with metals, no?
Welcome Don!!

That is a very cool website, and I think you'll be right at home here!
That guys good with the metal working wow :notworthy If he comes on maybe he'll share some of his secrets. Some of the stuff on that site was jsut amazing.
Glad to see you on board Don! :D
Welcome to the site don... nice pics on your site.. esp the one with the mailboxes....
Welcome to the site Don.

I would like to see more pictures of the homemade snow pusher.
I have a JD 4610;)

welecome don, great site:cash
Hi Guys, not so good at the computer

Hi you guys,
I am better at working with a piece of steel than I am working with the computer. ha,ha.
My daughter Nicole helps me a lot.
Glad you enjoyed my website.
Everyone loves the flying mailboxes. Well, almost everybody. I followed my friend for a couple hours last winter and waited for him to hit some snowbanks to get the right shot. It was fun watching him . It was also fun riding with him. Last week he was driving the motorgrader and a guy pulled in front of him and he almost ran over the truck. The guy was pinned inside and had to be cut out. He is ok.
I'll try to get a few more pictures .
Happy Holidays,
Don C.
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