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My old faith full Dakota is starting to show it's age. She is pound for pound the best plow unit i have ever had. So I'm going to try to hold on to her a little while longer and rest her till winter. In comes his new big brother as of tomorrow if everything goes well.
Toyota Tacoma 2011 quad cab v6 4.0.

Need more room for the little guy and after 26 years of second hand stuff I'm going to splurge. This might be the last winter for the Dakota and i'm not looking forward to the decisions i have to make as far as a replacement goes.
This Tacoma will never equal my Dakota in plowing and the plow i get (MAYBE) will never hold a candle to my fisher MM1. The front end will buckle under that 1/2 ton plow and for sure i'll throw the warranty out the window. So it is what it is but if i don't do it now i'm afraid i'm going to be in a bind at some point.
Will try to put the Tacoma away this year and just have the dak sit outside. don't want to do it but something has to be moved.out.

Might have to give Mr. B a call if I don't have enough FF to do the Wrangler AND the Tacoma. :)


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