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I work for a very small town and we are looking in to getting a F250 and V plow as our main plow. We have less then 2.5 mi of road and alley . Most roads are 16ft wide,1-10 ft, 1-12 ft, 1-32ft wide, and alleys 10-14ft. We don't get to many snow events and when we do most of the time a pick up would do the job. Currently using a single axle dump with a 11ft blade the is more for bigger cities. Due to it size, weight, age, no trip protection, no ability to put on shoes want to keep it more for extreme drifting or snow fall. Due to all of the above, it damages roads and alleys, sidewalk, sewer manholes, leaves corners full of snow, breaks down a lot.

I was leaning more for the MVP3 at 8.5 with wing. That would get me 10.5 and be able to make it smaller to get in to a few places I always had to use a snow blower before. I don't think a 9.5 would make it there and make it harder to get past some bad drifting spots and heavy wet snow.
My only concern with the wings is there any blade protection there? I know I can not put curb guards there but what if I hit something like a manhole, sidewalk, parking stop? Having the wings would help on our main road keeping the snow off the city owned sidewalks only instead of moving snow back and forth to the road and sidewalk.
I am also concerned by the weight. We don't have the money for a new truck so it would have to be used. Finding a standard or extended cab is hard, much less finding ones that are above 4800 on the front most being 4400. Need a leveling kit but the plow will only be on it when plowing or need to drive it home cause of a storm.
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