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Meyer plow wiring woes

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I have a meyer stright blade (do not know what kind) and i'm using a pistol grip controller (22690X) as well as the nite saber 2 light setup. The documentation has me very confused and as a result i just fried my controller.

Documentation says i can eliminate the plow light switch if i hook up the orange wire to my plow light harness orange wire, and supply the line with 12V. I did this..hooked up my controller and smoke started pouring out of it. I'm not sure if i hooked this up wrong somehow? Very hesitant to drop $350 on another controller just for it to burn up again. Can anyone speak to how they have theirs wired up?
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I have not installed a Meyer in years but I always toggle switched the lights. If you are unsure wire up the lights with the toggle switch.
I think this is a good idea, i'd rather fry a toggle switch rather than another controller. I also found that my wiring harness seems to be from an old "touch pad" setup. Looks just like this.
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So i will follow thislabeling and put the light modules on a toggle switch
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