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Hello, i have a 1975 dodge powerwagon with the sno-fiter package so it has the factory meyer plow with the engine driven pump etc...
When i got the truck someone removed the factory hydraulic distribution unit (forgive me not knowing the correct name) with one that is controlled electronically by a slic-stik.
Comparing mine to the normal e47 setups and stuff with the same controller, this one is setup differently, the 4th wire
goes to a 4th solenoid instead of the electric pump motor.

Here is the diagram that was given with the truck, as you can see no sort of identification on the model or anything...

What kind of setup is this and why does the left or right not work on my plow? It used to work perfectly fine so i replaced the switch and tested the coils for magnetism but haven't seemed to make any change...

I have a pin in the plow to keep it straight so i can use it at the moment but when there is nothing holding it straight it will automatically go to the left slowly after 20 mins of plowing just using up and down.

Here are some pictures of the setup in the truck as well as the diagram that came with it.


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