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I bought 2 brand new Meyer headlight crossover modules #07347, (on the internet). I installed as the directions specified, only to find that the driver's side (one of them, they are NOT side specific) doesn't work. I would like to know if there would be a way to get Meyer to "warranty" the defective module, (Im saying NO WAY because i didnt buy from reputable dealer) I'm also wondering if there is a way to TEST or diagnose whats wrong with the one i have. I cannot find a pin out diagram just for the "C" port, )which is where im having the issue) Now for the Problem , besides the module not working.
The headlights on the truck work fine, highbeam and low beam, also parking lights and turn signals. When i flip the switch in side the truck cab to go to PLOW LIGHTS, the parking lamps and turn signals work with the high and low beams on the right side(passenger side). Only the parking lights and turn signals work on the left plow light. ( I already unplugged the left plow light from the right side module and plugged it in, the left side works as it should.) So im wondering whats my next step. Spend more money and buy a new module. I would love to know how to test this module. With the "C" port at the top (orientation wise) the 6 pins read this voltage (top pin # 1 bottom pin #6)
Pin 1 .5 volts (point five)
Pin 2 .5 volts (point five)
Pin 3 0 volts (zero)
Pin 4 0 volts (zero)
Pin 5 0 volts (zero)
Pin 6 12.4 volts (twelve point four)
Ill be waiting for an answer
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