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Working on mounting a pair of new to me EZ Plus Diamond Edge plows, one on a 2004 F150 that we were able to adapt mounts from a 2016 F150 to, the other is getting put on a 2013 F250 that we have no mounts for.

It seems due to some shortages the prices of used clevises and brackets has shot way up matching new ones that aren't in stock.

After looking over the universal EZ plus clevis that we have and taking measurements it looks like some minor torch work and welding could let an MD2 clevis take an EZ plus plow in a pinch, these seem slightly more available used.

Looking even more, it sure looked like we could easily fab the ends of an EZ plus clevis to weld onto a cheap and plentiful on the used market Boss mount. Anyone have any experience with this? I don't see where the 400$ USD worth of steel is hiding in the Meyer clevis?
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