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Hey all !! Thanks for stopping by to check this thread out. I have been talking with Sonjaab and CNY Joe lately and would like to arrange some sort of get together(very informal) for all of the local plowers inthis area. What we're looking to do is compile a list of contacts that everyone could rely on should we run into break down problems and need someone to cover, or in my case, and I know Sonjaab would agree, major snow events in the "Lake Effect Band Areas". Where I'm at I usually get twice the amount of snow that Syracuse gets and it's not uncommon to get more. I usually end up turning business away. I'm looking to be able to not only help out those who are calling me to plow, but my fellow plowers as well. If I can't get to it, I'm willing to pass the job on to someone who can. I'm also willing to travel to help out anyone who is getting bombarded and can't keep up with their accounts. I'll jump in to help them get caught up so they don't lose business, and I'm sure that others would do the same.

So how about it? Does anyone want to set up a meeting and exchange info? I have a portable office( laptop and printer/scanner/copier) that I will bring along to create a list and hand out to everyone, and I will also keep the records so as new people want to get added they can also be put on the list. I can e-mail or fax out the updates, whicever is easier for people.

Anyone interested? You can reply here or PM me, or CNY Joe- we seem to be the ones most interested so far- and we'll set up a time and date for everyone to meet.

Hope to get at least a few responses!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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