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Just started SNowing hear

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I went to pick up my truck at the storage place and the second i started it, it started snowing what luck. I had a big smile on my face. Hope everyone has fun this weekend and make a lot of:cash
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wow thats a change normaly when i go to get into my plow truck it stops snowing just to mess with me lol
Hope you guys get lots. I was up all night watching reruns of the "A Team" waiting for the 3-4 inches of snow that according to the weather forcaster was going to start at 6pm last night and continue into this morning. We got 1/4" at 4am and now its above freezing and sunny. I don't mind when the forcast is wrong, but this is the third storm this week they've been totally wrong on.:evil
well from the time i posted this topic to now the ground is coved and its adding up quick and people are already sliping and sliding snow is a great thing :D :cash :burnout
Good luck today and tonight! Keep it safe, and have fun plowing!

Man we are all really sick to like snow and plowing this much!!!


No Snow Hear

No snow for us, as we are to north for this storm. We will be lucky to get a salt event out of this one. By this time last year we had already salted twice. But this year all we have done is prepare for it. If you guys get tired of the white stuf, send some up hear to the Detroit area!!:cash :shades :D
Yeah, three weather channels, 4 online, and they all were wrong. 4" expected overnight and we received less than zero.

It's going to snow all night!!!!
Yeah right, not even in my dreams.....

David - get used to it! I was going to start a thread, discussing the fun activities while staying up all nite waiting for the snow to arrive. I was to frustrated to type!

HHMmm - we got not one flake of snow, when they were predicting between 2" to 6", depending on the area. It was supposed to be snowing all day today until 2 or 3PM. The sun was out at 11:00AM.

Chuck B.
Well, I was up until about 3am playing this game called "Battlefield 1942" (not usually a game player). This is how bored I was.
well good luck to all that got snow... once again we didnt get any at all... we normaly have been out plowing by now...
OH BOY O BOY !!!!!................

Just starting to JAMB north of Syracuse NY !

Bill, Joe, Al, and the rest of you CNY guys........
WAKE UP.........Its SHOW time !!!!!!.....geo
Snow works, I hear ya" Got up at 3am and looked for my 2"-6" and all I saw was a lot of wet slush. Went and plowed a low trigger at 5 and crawled back in bed. Not another one of these years:(
Hey Sonjaab looks like we got a little lucky the storm shifted north enough to drop about 6" here. It is not the snowfall amout that some of the guys will be getting, but it is better than nothing.:cash
I hear ya Chuck, stayed up till 12 thursdaynight watchin the thermometer stuck at 37 degrees. After I seen Skillet head at 9:30 I had to check everything else, but he called right. Should have watched him before I loaded the truck with ballast and put the blade on. Noaa radio weather channel, they were all wrong :(
Oh well hope for some snow next week.
Well- got up this am to see snow coming down- not lake effect so I checked the radar and sure enough you guys decided to share with the rest of us!!!! LOL! The storm drifted far enough up north to drop some snow in our area. Went out and hit my commercial accounts and got them mostly clean- had to dodge traffic, so I will be going out later just to do cleanup and check the rest of my accounts to see if my residentials need to be hit. Picked up another residential customer today, and looked into adding some more commercial accounts. Been seeing alot of poor service in my neck of the woods lately and I'm hoping to possibly pick up a few of those. Glad to hear everyone else is out with no major problems as of yet, with the exception of a few, hope the rest of the storm goes well for those who are still cleaning up. Seems the local weather guessers are calling for lake effect, nothing, and 6-10" depending on who you watch- so I gave up on them , decided to come home get some food, watch a little tv, and then get ready to go out for cleanup. Nothing major, but still needs to be done none the less.

Good luck guys- hope you all get in soon for some much needed and deserved rest.

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