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Is there so few "Curtis" owners out there?

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I never see a "Curtis Snowplow" area in any forums I there really that few a number of Curtis owners out there? Or is it because they aren't popular with the business?
If that's the case.....might I ask why not?

(proud owner of a new Curtis plow)

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this is the first yr that ive ever heard of curtis

not any dealers near me

have only heard good things about them

john :headwall :zoom
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Strange that you mentioned that, a curtis telivision commercial just came about 10 minutes ago. I see very few of these plows and I live 50 miles from the factory :confused:
There is only one guy in my town who has it It's on a chevy,the nappa down the street from was selling them For some reason I don't think that they sell that good because I don't see it in the showroom anymore.
we have two of em at my work. both are on f350 pickups. one is brand new, and the other one is about 2 years old. it has held up great and seems to be very sturdy. i really like the hydraulic jack stand as well.
I see quite a few Curtis But I see more fisher and myer,

I live about 30 miles form the factory and there is a dealer in the next town over

I dont know anyone that owns one tho. looks like a good product


I have only seen a handfull of Curtis products over the years
I have a curtis dealer about 15 mins away from me but i dont see many curtis plows at all.Maybe three for 4 in the area that i have noticed.They always have a set up at the local fairs here and they do seem well built. I would consider buying one.
Seems like Curtis costs a bit more than the other manufacturers....might be why there's less on the road.
And the fact that they haven't been making the plows for automotive use for that long.
I have one and think it's great. Have had no real problems since I purchased it in 99. Like Mdb said, the hydraulic Jack is great. Also automatically retracts so you can't drive away with it down and tear it off !!
If I have one complaint on the Curtis plows, it would be that it's sometimes difficult to push the "arms" back, and push the locking pins in at the same time. Sometimes it goes right in...sometimes it seems to have way too much tension against it. Of course, i probably just need to get used to the new setup!
I have a Curtis dealer down the road from me, but I don't see alot of them on the road either. This year that dealer just started selling Blizzard Plows so I would say there will be less Curtis plows being sold this year in my neck of the woods.
I noticed a curtis dealer right down the road from my school in PA and I saw all the orange blades stacked. I'll have to let you know if i see any this winter, but so far I've been seeing alot of meyers and several fishers. They do look decent though.
Theres a curtis dealer near me, been there 2 years. I dont think I have ever seen one on a truck off his lot, I see meyer, western and fisher. I have a western.
CNY JOE............

That dealer wouldn't happen to be on rt.31 in Clay
NY would it? They are a mower repair dealer right?

I see they are doing a bunch of brands this year too!

You get any snow today?..............geo
BTW..........I have only seen 1 Curtis straight
blade on a 2500 Dodge out here in Hannibal NY
A local contractor that owns lawn and snow buss has the dealer here in midland and he also has hinker i talk to him quite a bit hes always bugging me to put one on my trucks he was mad this year when i had the mvp put on the service truck i told him the curtis v was about 500.00 more than a western and i too think that they look well built however not well enough IMO over western plus cost more , he has sold a total of two units this year and i would say at least 4 of his trucks are set up with them i think he is his own best cust.
Sonjaab, yes thats is the one, I think the name is Gary's Equip. just got back from plowing the local fire houses we got 2-3" so far. Snow is still falling we will be going out againin a little while:cash
JOE.........YUP thats the place!

Heck my best bud and cousin own houses down
off Stearns rd. I stop around there if it snows
bad and I am in the area to visit and do a FREEBIE
plow !

I HATE to see their wives out shoveling the drive !
LOL.......LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe we can hook up at Applebees or Hooters and
have a cold one. Sure is more fun taking the kids there
than MCds ! They are gettin' too big for Ronald!

Mike is out plowing today !
He left me a message while I was out playing...errr
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Sonjaab, sound good to me, let me know when your in the area so we can meet up for a beer at HOOTERS:D
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