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is 2 speeds on a skid necessary?

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Hi guys. Looking to expand next year, hopefully. Thinking of adding a skid and pusher to my little business. I have a t300 already, but it is a single speed, tops out at 6.5 mph I believe. Was looking for something with a two speed trans in it to speed up production. Talked to a few people who said they push in low anyway, dont wast the $$$$ . That doesn't sound right to me. Why not push in high range??? I guess I could see not having enough power in the heavy wet stuff, but as a usual course of operation? Doesn't seem right.

Your thoughts please.
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I bought my skid before there was a 2 speed option and I wish I could upgrade it to that now. Production is the name of the game when you're trying to be competitive and a 2 speed will out perform a single speed even if it's only used during transport. My buddy has a 2 speed that I've used and it's a real nice feature. You can even save fuel as you can run less engine rpm to achieve the same travel speed in light work conditions. If you're using an angled blade the snow will roll better too.
If I had it too do over I would had purchased mine with the two speed.

You will not be happy or productive with a single speed, once you have run a 2 speed. While not running a skid steer, I am running a tool cat, and I can go from high to low with the push of a button for some extra pushing power. It really sucks in low speed, but does help with the extra power. No way would I want to use low speed all the time, thats for sure!
Thanks for the quick response guys. I just couldn't see any reason not to push in high range. Glad to know it wasn't because I'm sleep deprived.
Ron : I've always had a 2 spd Skid-steer, I know that I would NEVER be with out it ….. pushing on the heavier events, you might be restricted to using low-gear (which CAN be shifted on the Fly), But that'll depend on the HP of the Skid you buy, or What size Blade/Scoop you stick out front …….

Where YOU WILL really appreciate the 2-spd is Backing-up or Roading the machine to your next site :D

I just heard my Buddy say his production went up 30-50% because of his brand new Skid having the 2-spd option, his new skid is virtually the same ROC Skid as his other one, same attachments etc. …… He also claims a reduction in fuel consumption from 8-10 L/hr to 3-5 L/hr …..

YUP !!! …….. You are absolutely correct in seeing that it's an advantage to HAVE !!! :drinkup
We have a single speed.
Told them to get 2 speed.
It is soooooo slowwwwwwwww.
Trying to cleanup the parking lot is useless so we use it in certain areas and stacking.
I ran a cat loader for the last two years doing concrete removals and loading dump trucks on dry asphalt and concrete dirt etc. First thing I do when I get ready to go after putting the lap bar down is hit the 2 speed button and it doesn't come out of 2 speed unless I absolutely need to take it out. I wouldn't run it without it. Turning on asphalt in 1 sucks ass constantly bouncing around. If you get it going fast enough and you can skid on asphalt in two speed it's much smoother and once you spend enough time running it you'll eventually know where to have your bucket so it balances out and is easier to turn once you do that you can just pop the front wheels up and spin on your back wheels while doing a wheelie and it's even smoother
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