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I would like to start a thread with tip and tricks for the different blizzard plow/truck combos as I learn a little on every new install...

Truck side:

Ford Superduty 250/350: I wish they did not use a locking nut on the long rodded bolt, let me use loctite and it would be easier to tighten the bolt. Order the 450/550 and you get an extra bracket, they say you don't need it, then why do they included it in the heavier trucks?

Dodge 2003 2500

Hole behind power steering box might need to be enlarged. See above about locking nut. Grind tow hook brackets flat before putting bumper back on.

Electrical: lengthen the three spade ground connection as it always seems too short. I ALWAYS put at least the positive battery cable in wire loom. Use t splice connectors to tap into the park/turn lights (much easier).

Anyone else?

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