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I've spent most of the day on the Fisher site trying to figure this out. ematch doesn't list my plow so I'm not having much luck.

1. I have an older MM2 8' HD plow on a 2005 Ram 2500. It's a 3 plug/3 port system with the old style joystick.
2. I bought a new 2022 GMC 2500 (with the plow prep option)

I know I'll need different push plates and I've figured that part out. What I'm trying to do is find out what harnesses and or adapters I'll need to make my existing stuff work on the new truck. A local parts guy told me on the phone I'd have to replace everything and that just doesn't make sense to me. Isn't it just a matter of a different light harness? Part numbers would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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