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Help choosing a plow.. Meyer or Curtis

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Hello everyone!

If cost and dealer support were not an issue.. which of these two would you choose and why?

I am asking because I have no plow knowledge and need some help. Please do not suggest others brands and keep it friendly.

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I would chose Meyer basically because parts are easier to come by.
I would chose curtis because you don't need parts.
I would choose curtis because I feel it is a better built plow. The mounting system allows better off-season ground clearance and appearance.

Although some say having the pump/valves mounted on a-frame is bad, cause they feel it subjects them to alot of vibration.

Everyone that I know that had both curtis and meyer swears by the curtis.
forced to choose, meyer for parts availbility but.......

Please do not suggest others brands and keep it friendly.

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MEYER because there rep said there in the parts bizz not the snow plow bizz

but i would rather get a western or a fisher there built much better than the meyer.

curtis isn't a bad plow but theres some things they need to work on before i spend my money on one.

good luck
Go with the Curtis, it's a strong plow and is very similar in design to the Western, but has better off season cground clearance !
May i be so bold as to suggest a Boss plow to you? But, if i had to choose between the two i would go with Curtis. Because you don't need to have a warehouse of parts to carry with you in case one of the pumps goes out! :headwall Jon
I'd have to go with a curtis they seem to be well built and the manufactuer isnt in the parts business like meyers is...
I have been to a curtis dealership and they are welll built i would go with them.
I can't speak for Curtis or any other plow but the one I have and the two my son has. Although we don't plow the # of events that the east seems to (we plow +/- 12 events), we have not been let down by our Meyer plows. I just replaced the pump seal (easy to do with helpful suggestions) which is the first repair on any of the three blades, in 4 years.
Whatever you buy make sure you haveproduct support.
slplow says you don't need parts for a Curtis? Maybe if it never gets used. :D
Lawn-Scapes, the ribbing and sniping are friendly jabs at eachother, it helps us learn more about our product and helps us stay proud of our equipment even when we know it isn't the best on the market. As in, " I bought the wrong plow???? No way man, I don't make mistakes!" :D

I am going to say, without any doubt, MEYER's.

But not just any MEYER's....Get the C-8 and get the E-57H Pump.

If you choose any other MEYER, you'll most likely understand why they are frowned upon.

The C-8 is a Heavy Duty plow which shares its A-Frame and Sector with the 8.5' and 9' Meyer's. The new E-57 is a proven design with quicker action.

MEYER parts are a dime a dozen. All plows will eventually break, When it's a MEYER that breaks you have SEVERAL choices for parts, and many are interchangable. You really can't say that for many brands.

Good Luck!
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I also have had good luck with meyers plows and they have made me alot of money throughout the years with hardly any break downs.I do recommend the C series which is a bit stronger than the ST. You can get meyers parts anywhere!:shades
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