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Just before Christmas, I had 2 glow plugs on my 6.9 go out on me. Tested to see which ones were bad with 12 volt test light. I went to parts store, they were out of Champions glow plugs, but, did have in stock, right here, right now, Autolite. Needless to say, I took all they had, (4) and replaced the bad ones. Just this past Tuesday, I was replacing the 2 burnt out Autolites....pure junk. The ends ballooned out making removal a real enjoyable experience, similar to a root canal without novacain. In the end, I and the new Champion glow plugs won but, not after some fretting about having a piece of plug drop down the chamber. The Champions are what I have used since day one. They are more than double the price of the Autolites off the shelf, but, spending an entire day before a snow event changing out burnt plugs is just too much fun to put a price to. I don't think Autolites are going in my truck again until I part with it. (which I don't plan on very soon!!!!)
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