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Fisher plows not working

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My motor on my fisher straight blade 3 plug system stopped working. I ordered a new motor and installed it. I also changed the hydraulic fluid too. The motor makes noise like it’s working but the plow does nothing. I took the tank off and everything looked fine. I also bought new coils for it and it still won’t lift or angle. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks
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Is it spinning freely or deadheading? Are you getting current to the valve magnets.
I’ll have to check on the spinning freely almost done my vacation so I’ll check when I get home. The valve magnets are what your coils go over ?
Also I noticed a magnet on the bottom of the hydraulic tank is there supposed to be one? If so does it have to be in a certain spot ? Not sure if when I put the tank back on the valve box if the magnet fell to the side of it and not the bottom ?
If you have the tank off, you should pull the pump off to inspect the gears for breakage
I did end up taking the pump off the valve box and it spins freely also put my thumb over we’re the intake tube goes and could feel suction when I spun it
Had similar problems. Turned out to be the Fishstick.
Borrow a controller from someone and try that.
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