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2020 chevy Z71 1500
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I have a Fisher MM2 plow that I store in my yard after the season on paver’s. When I disconnect the plow he head tends to lean so when it’s time to hook it back up in the late fall it turns into a two person job.I decided there’s got to be a better way. So I the blade on pavers one under each end of the blade and a 4x4 under the jack. Once the blade is lowered I lower the jack, disconnect the two power plugs. Before I release the pins I put two nylon pull type straps from the upper triangle to the lower pivot point of the blade then release pins. When I back the truck up nothing moves at all. I was able to pull back up to the plow with no screwing around with the head super simple. If it sinks over the course of the off season and it has to be tilted up a little to line up I can tighten up on the straps. Truly a minute mount system.


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