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I first started plowing many long years ago, in an International Scout with 2 control handles - the first one you pushed in and pulled out, to raise and lower it. The other one you pushed and pulled to angle one way or the other. Primitive, perhaps, but the blade was quite able to hold a position - I could carve snow off a snowbank with one side of the blade. And I could use it to help get out of being stuck - if the snow was stiff enough the blade was almost enough to push me out by itself. There was obviously a relief valve in there, so if I hit a hardened snow bank with one side of the blade, it would let go rather than blow up.

But now, with a Minute Mount 2, if a snow bank puts up even minimal resistance, it's not long before the blade lets go and rotates off to that side.

I'm old now and my memory has become a forgettory, but I really think that when the MM2 was new it was considerably more able to hold an angle. And going back further I really think the MM1 was stronger that way than the MM2.

So either Fisher has been building wimpier relief valves, or over time the pressure adjustment has gotten further and further off. Am I right that it is adjustable? If so,where can I find instructions?
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