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engine woes, cont'd

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ok guys....i'm getting there....i have a couple pics, one w/o te rockers on, and one with....i'll post the one w/out.....te heads were dipped, my brother-n-law, (god bless him! :D ) tapped out all the bolt holes in the block, and did an excellent job cleaning stuff up. he's been a great help, and i have to give him credit. anyway, just want to be sure adjusting these rockers, does each cylinder have to be at top dead center when i put them on turn past zero lash? i ask because there is nothing in the engine manual that elaborated on my mind, each cylinder has to be topped out to properly adjust the valves...

thanks guys, couldn't have done it w/out all of you guys!!! THANKS!!!!!



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ok! I think i can handle that. I was very liberal with the lube....i put it on every moving part there is.....rods, lifters, stem tops, stems when istalling the valves, rockers, everything......


should i set the intake and distributor first? that way i can keep the timing close to what it was before i tore it down.....well, i guess i can use the mark on the balancer, i know whereabouts TDC on #1 corresponds to the strib placment.....i don't have that little metal timing clip on top of the balancer for timing....i'll have to mark the block where #1 TDC is, right?
sweet...that makes sense...i'll let you know how it turns out.....

this afternoon, gonna find out what kind of baby were having!!! Girl or Boy, as long as its healthy! :D

thanks again!
Anticipation mounts

We're soon the see if we've done everything right.... This is the first time we've dug this far into a motor and put it back together, so i'm a little nervous.......I hope takin our time has paid off. :eek:

Hats off to Eric, who has been there the whole way. Thanks dude!

heres a pic of the finished product......yeah, it's a klunker, but i love it!

I'll post in a few hours when we try and fire was too late last night.....It has straight 2" duals out each side.... :burnout

Wish us Luck!!! :cool:


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by the way

I found the timing tab......I was looking in the wrong have to look behing the water pump :geez
fire in the hole!!!

ok it running. a little bit........

seems we just can't get it dialed in.....when we get the timing mark close on the tab, seems to cut out.....have to back it off the mark quite a bit...when we think we have it, it just runs rough.....we popped the cap, and tried turning the strib one notch, then a couple notches, then try again, and just runs real rough.....took it down the road, and if i was light on the gas, had lots of power...when i pushed the pedal down a little bit it cut out and popped, lifted off the gas and it was ok.....then, when in gear and idleing, it was rough to the point it kept park it idled, roughly though..... :help I've never had this much trouble getting the timing right on a truck......


walt will idle all sooon as you drop it in D, it all goes to .... I kept the carb level, best i could......choke opened right up when she got warm.....i may have got the valve too tight, i'll have to check......a few rockers that seemed to get loose after i tighten them down a tighten another 1/4 turn...... hindsight, i guess as long as the rod won't go up and down, and the rocker seems 'loose', that ok........i dunno....i'll have to check the vavles.....maybe back them off a 1/4 turn on a few.....
thanks, dude......I think i may not have been as carefull with the valves as i should i know for next time... i'll let you know......btw, your kids are precious!!!!



well, just wanted to let you guys know, she's running good now....I was on a short hiatus from here, but i'm back....god my father in law to come and take a look.....heres what he found.

had 2 vacuum lines switched....strib advance was switched with the choke....that seemed to help...

and as i suspected, vavles were adjusted down WAY to far. what he did, which kinda scared me at first, was run the motor with the valve covers off, and loosen each rocker until it very lightly knocked....then snugged them from there......he said thats the old school way of doing it.....but it worked. I just couldn't get them right when it wasn't running for some reason, he said most likely the lifters are a worn. what do you think wyldman? I want to know what you think.
but, she's purs like a kitten now......took her for a short trip and ran like a top.....better than it ever has for that matter. :D

gonna change out the water pump this afternoon, and i should be good to go......I think thats what caused all this in the first place....after we ran it, its leaking like a siv.

thanks again to all for everything! I'll be around and try to help when i can.

Walt :burnout :cool:
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too funny!

I have a mammer.......its from 1920, and its been in the shop since i can rememer.......couple watchets, too!

got the water pump changed last night....was easier than i thought. stripped a bolt for the power steering pump bracked, so got to get that replaced now!!! :headwall at least these old chevys are pretty simplistic compared to newer stuff, and i have 3 blown motors from the past 5 years and parts for em all over the place!
word of advice

Don't use a used water pump when re-mans are only 13 bucks, and OEM factory ones are 23. :headwall but you guys already new that, right? :geez

anyway, i need to get the fan and pulley studs from the old pump, and was wondering if anybody had sugestions on removing them.....i don't think it's going to be easy. I was thinking of doubleing up the nuts on the stud, and using the bottom bolt to back it out....sound like a good plan?

Got her all done.

took off yesterday for a test run.....16 mile round trip. ran like a top, no coolant leak, no oil leaks, (except for the right valve cover, a little loose) and good power i thought for a 305 in a big heavy beast like that....... :burnout

thanks to all for the input and guideance for a young wannabe was a great learning experience......I'll do it again in a Heartbeat....but hopefully i won't have too :D

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