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engine woes, cont'd

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ok guys....i'm getting there....i have a couple pics, one w/o te rockers on, and one with....i'll post the one w/out.....te heads were dipped, my brother-n-law, (god bless him! :D ) tapped out all the bolt holes in the block, and did an excellent job cleaning stuff up. he's been a great help, and i have to give him credit. anyway, just want to be sure adjusting these rockers, does each cylinder have to be at top dead center when i put them on turn past zero lash? i ask because there is nothing in the engine manual that elaborated on my mind, each cylinder has to be topped out to properly adjust the valves...

thanks guys, couldn't have done it w/out all of you guys!!! THANKS!!!!!



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:D Ratlover, Whats a mammer? I dont have one of them in the shop but would like to get one. LOL!!!

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