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It has been a bad day or two for cable breaks.

Actually I am using rope instead of cable, which makes it much easier.

The breaks are my fault, Both times I had the ATV pretty high up a snow bank pushing it back, andI pulled the plow to high.

The first time, I used a strap to limp it back into the garage.

Today I did it again, and instead of putting the hook back on, I just took the rope thru the snatch block on the plow and wrapped it around the bumper where I anchor it.

I rapped it 3 times loosly and then passed the tail under the loops.

It is working fine.

One advantage is that I do not pull the hook into the snatch block if I pull to high.

If I break it again, I can just feed out more and tie it off again... It only takes a few minutes.

At the end of winter I will out the hook back on.

I am looking to use a strap but that is a separate thread.

Anyhow, just an idea.

Now if I can learn to judge the low height better......
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