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Dump Body

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I did not know where to post this so I figured this would be the best place. I am going to need to order a dump body for a F550. I need a dump body that has a flat surface and pallets can be loaded into it. The dump body will be for a F550 with a 141" wheelbase. I would like to be able to install a ProFlo 2 or a tailgate spreader of that quality. I know many people will tell me to run bulk salt with a undertailgate or a V-Box, but I don't have access to bulk salt or storage area at this time. Maybe in the future, so the ability to add a V-Box to this dump body could be a plus. The Stainless Rugby with fold down sides looks pretty good. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on dump bodies for trucks. I was hoping to find one that I could carry 3 pallets of salt, but I have not found one that wide. I have thought about a stake/landscape type flat bed with a dump function, but I don't know if that's the way to go. I am still doing my initial research.
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Do you want to fit three pallets wide on a 550? A stake body might be good so you can take the sides off to load and put them on to drive so you dont have to secure the pallets. If your running a tailgate sander you could also probably get a landscape body with a second side barn door. The options are endless. The stake body might be your best way.
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