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Got approximately 8000 square feet of sidewalks with my commercial account that needs to be shoveled and salted. They are approximately 5 feet wide by 175 feet long. Currently using a prodcast spreader and going through roughly 400#s of salt each application. I know that this is a overkill on the salt, but haven't found anything better yet to put the salt down with. I see that Buyers has a new drop spreader that will hold 200#s at a time. Anyone have any experience with the drop spreaders? Will they put down bagged salt without clogging? Right now we have to have the opening at almost full blast on the prodcast spreader in order to get the salt to feed, and even then it still clogs at times. Would rather spend the money on a decent and reliable spreader than keep burning through too much salt.

best drop spreaders
Besides Epoke what are you guys using for drop spreaders. I have been using Lesco ice melt spreaders for years but even with the side deflectors grass and landscaping is getting damaged.
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