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Diesel to gas convertion

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I was just woundering and this is nothing that I have planed or in the works.If you had or where able to get a nice 80's style K30-35 dump that was 4x4 but with a gas engine.Could you put a cummings in there with the high HP like the newer trucks and what would somthing like that cost and what would be involved to bring and oldie to life with a nice diesel in her?
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I also have some older iron that i'd like to burn some oil in...
1952 Chevy 2-ton flatbed. 52K miles on the clock. It has an I-6, probably in the 230-250ci range, SM420 trans, 2-speed rear axle and NO BRAKES!! If it had brakes, I'd at least be driving it!! That and the engine is stuck. I put conklin's rust-bomb in the jugs a while back, but haven't been back to check it out since... time, time... where does it all go? I've considered a later-model 6.5, because anything chevy will hook up to the SM420, but a straight-piped cummins would definitely give it some semi-truck attitude!!
EZ - you cab get a Cummins adapter to bolt up the SM465.It was used on the 4BT's in some the the Purolator trucks.Check on Ebay,I have seen them there.

As far as putting a Cummins in an older trucks,it can be done.I would use a 97-98.4 12 Valve,as they are the best motors.No electronics either.It would probably cost you between $4000 - $10,000 depending on what all you do with it.
Even with that cost, i'm sure having a cummins in it would be most cost effective than keeping a 6.2L or 6.5L diesel in it and have probably 1/3 the horsepower and torque.

That's a good idea rick, repowering an older truck with a newer powerplant. Look for a decent 4wd dump with a blown motor and then do a conversion.

Sounds like a good idea for a project truck.
A guy I know put a Cummins in a '72 Chevy truck and it set him back about $6,000. He got the engine out of a wrecked 3/4 ton and did the rest himself. It is a pretty sweet ride.:burnout
I want a 4bt for my S10 then I would have the ultimate ******* truck 30-40 mpg 333ftlb at 1000? rpm then I would have to put a 4" chrome stack out of the bed
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