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Im new to snow plowing, I got my 80 GMC k25 3/4 ton 4wd.
I will post attachments to show my setup, My pump itself has a slow leak, I want to know if I should consider fixing or helping it(if I can) or better to look at a new setup. It still functions but with very slow leak. Maybe fluid change?
The cylinder is also leaking slowly, just drops a use.

First, yes I do know its leaking, the grounds are held with zip ties and hose clamps. Its a WIP i was going to replace all the wires to battery and such with 2 gauge and only one wire, color code, and with lugs on them... its a mess. And the ones for the switch will have proper grounds, etc.

I do not mind having manual side to side control, although, I do know the plate is bent and broke to crap. I do plan to have the bad metal parts cut out, put new steel in, and cut holes. I am going to try to have to holes per position line up so more than one pin can take the force. Unless there are other ideas. The pins are replaced regularily and with the largest size possible so I dont shear and smack the plow into my truck.

Does my receiver mount fit a lot of plows or was that custom and unlikely to work elsewhere? The plow was built by my grandfather, but if I could use a smaller plow at times or just know I have options that would be nice.

Should I be running a deep cell battery to take the load off regular? The starter on hydraulics takes it down to about 8 volts.

Any creative summer uses for plow hydraulics? I would need to put quick couplers but just want ideas if any.

Any ways to know how to get a new hydraulic ram? It leaks, im not sure if that is fixable or just replace it.

Is my night lighting seem okay? I have two LED in headlight and 2 "fog" lamps on bar turned out as to push to the sides(this isn ot used on road, this is for my property use.)

Does the frame support and connection seem sufficient? I dont want to break a plow or frame.
What fluid should I use? Where would I find model number on pump?

Any recommendations on changes?


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