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Use a good Brick Paver. It will last forever! Lifetime gauranty on the product. No cracking or spliting. Easier to work with and you can get a lot nicer finish with pattern and colors. JMO
Alot of those that we plow heave from frost i've noticed this year .

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well the bigest part of the project will be the prep. you want to make sure your have a good base no organics and have it compacted good. Radiant heat under is nice but I hear it can cost an arm and a leg to run.

thickness would be on my mind for pouring concrete you want to make it thick enough for maybe a used oskosh or fwd :D and you would want to go with a high strenth mix maybe 4-5Klb

oh and don't forget your rebar.

I'm sure Paul can shed alot more info on this
polished concrete ipswich
We had a deck for a pool poured 4 days ago and it dried dark black in places, is rough and has white spots. Need help!
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