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I have a contact in a major manufacturer of snow and ice equipment that is willing to work with the subs having to upgrade to the closed loop wifi type controls.
You will have the option of cash and carry or installed, full warranty and dealer support for trouble shooting etc....
From the prices I have seen posted they are 10% less across the board.
If you are ready to upgrade please feel free to contact me with what you are looking for,what you have now and I will get you a quote.
Stocking suppliers for both the Cirus RX and the Certified ACS systems.Cirus they have on hand here in New England.Certified they will need to ship from other location.
I played the Sub game over ten years(Mass Highway) with 4 large trucks(3x 10yard spreaders and snowfighter,blowers,sidewalk tractors etc) I understand how every dollar counts.
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