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Cannot unmount Boss V-Plow

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I bought a Boss V-Plow last year (2022). I have taken it on and off dozens of times now. Today I go to remove it and find I cannot back the truck away because it is still connected.

As I always do, I put the plow in V mode and the controller in float/red mode, move the toggles to the off position which raises the red pin, and use the switch to raise the plow up, then use the switch to lower the plow as far as it can go. The pins do disengage (as you can see in the picture), and the plow cannot go anymore down/forward as it goes against the frame bar. But the problem is, the lower pins which sit in the truck are still down in the hook. I can reattach the plow, and do it again, but those lower pins are always in the hook preventing me from backing away. It is as if the plow is either sitting lower or the truck is sitting higher than normal. The truck and plow are on level ground, and I have tried this outside and in the garage.

Technically I could put a lift under the plow to raise it out of the hook, but I would rather understand the root of the problem here as I don't want to be dealing with this mid-winter. Anybody know why this could be occurring? Thanks!

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