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Can not get my Fisher SD to mount on truck. Worked fine last week!

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Its a 10 yr old plow but the MM2 push plates on my 22 Tundra are brand new. Just had the plates installed this summer. First time I went to mount it to truck it wouldn't go on. Trailered the plow back to the Fisher dealer and they ground some metal off the headgear where is slides up against a bolt on the plate.
I can get the headgear to slide into where it supposed to be on the ears but when I push up on the headgear the pins do not engage. It is like they are still a tad low to slide in the holes. Getting down on the ground and looking it all over it seems the place where they ground off the metal is again hitting against the plate. What kills me is the holes all look like they are lined up but pushing the head gear does nothing to allow them to slide into place. I have greased the pins and ears w silicone. Tried tapping the pins with a mallet. Set the jack at different levels thinking I'm to high or low.
Seems to make no difference.
Can someone post some close up pics I can see if the headgear mount touches the pushplate or not? Any ideas might help?
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Post some pics of what’s going on so we can get a better idea
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Add some slack on the lift chain from the triangle
Let air out of tires.
Drive up onto 2x.
Floor jack under Aframe of plow.
When U get it hooked up put it where U will be putting it on in winter, I found that parked on concrete and b4 snow falls to be the easiest way 2 mount it by myself.
The least lil bit of height change makes it a pia to mount.
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