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Just curious if anyone has heard of this.

We replaced a 10.5 Briggs (short block swapover) on my friends Boss spreader. Installed flywheel, no problem. Put in new Briggs square key to match things up. Motor started no problem by hand, not overly difficult to pull through, etc. However, when starting it with the starter we were shearing the little square Briggs key between flywheel and flywheel shaft. Went through a couple before we just said *&%$ it, and bought a slight longer key of same dimension. I think it was a 5/32" x 1" that we put in the worked fine. The Brigss were like 5/32'x1/2".

Anyway, our local small engines guy had never seen the shearing problem before and we tried everything possible to eliminate any problem that might have caused it, siezed clutch, etc. Like I said, easy to pull through by hand and would run fine. Only when using starter did we have problems. Starter was good, etc. Checked everything.

Hey, works now, just wondering if anyone had seen that.

Oh, final note. What caused us to have to change the engine was that salt had eaten through the engine case on the back right hand bottom corner (facing motor from behind truck) near the motor mount bolt hole. I guess he wasn't cleaning it well enough after use.....

Pete :usa
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